Local Food Buying Clubs

Do you want an easy and affordable source for healthy food from nearby farms?

Join a buying club to get nutritious food directly from farms and food producers in our community.

By joining a buying club you:

  • Get access to healthy locally grown and produced food.
  • Windham Farm and Food delivers to your site every other week.
  • Payment includes cash, EBT and check.
  • An on-site coordinator organizes deliveries and makes sure you get the lowest price for locally available food.
  • Items change depending upon availability and season.
  • Suppor the local economy and agriculture.

Community based buying clubs are open to all and are currently operating at:

  • Bellows Falls Train Station
  • West Townshend General Store


School based buying clubs are open to families with children at the following schools (click on the school name for more information):


If you would like to sign-up or have questions please contact:

Hanna Jenkins
(802) 258-8902

To learn more about where the food your purchasing comes from please visit the Windham Farm and Food website at :


If you are a member of the Oak Grove and Green St. School Buying Club please place your order online at:

School Buying Club







The purpose is to increase access to healthy local food for people who generally don’t buy directly from local farmers (CSAs, Stands or Markets).  The last thing we want to do is to undercut direct sales from local farms.


Example of a Buying Club Box**


BULK ITEM Quantity of Each How many servings? Approx. Cost per Food Box Price Chopper 4/25/12
Bagels (Elm City, Keene).  Year-round Six fresh 2.5 oz bagels 6 $1.50


Yogurt (Green Mt. Creamery, Brattleboro). Year-round 6, 6 oz cups flavored Greek yogurt 6 $4.73 $7.74
Lettuce (Harlow Farm, Westminster). May-Nov One head, Organic 6 $1.15 $2.99
Apples (Green Mountain Orchards, Putney).  Aug-May 10 Apples, low-spray 10 $2.45 $3.99
Carrots (Harlow Farm, Westminster). July-May 2 lbs, Grade A organic 6 $2.16 $2.99
Potatoes (Dutton Berry Farm, Newfane). Aug-June 4 lbs 6 $1.63 $3.50
TOTAL 14 lbs 40 $13.62

your cost



**This box is just an example. Your box will vary.

We are always looking for volunteer support in the buying club program.  We have many different tasks available, please contact Hanna for more information!