Neighborhood Markets

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Sign-up NOW for the 2013 season!!!


–          Every Tuesday, 4-6 PM

–          June 18th– September 24th

–           Green St. School



–          New Leaf CSA

–          CABA Community Farm

–          Amazing Planet Farm!

–          Hermit Thrush Homestead

–          Circle Mountain Farm


1)     Agree to participate every week and receive the best prices on local produce.

2)     Choose the option that is right for you.

3)     Call or email to receive a contract. Complete the contract. Return the signed contract with a down payment. If paying with EBT, pay at the first market on June 18th.





3 Options if you qualify for state sponsored health insurance and/or food stamps.  Prices comparable to Price Chopper conventional produce.  We ask for at least a 2-week down payment upon signing up.

9 Veggie Basket, $20/week or $300 for season

5 Veggie Basket, $11/week or $165 for season

3 Veggie Basket, $7/Week or $105 for season

Example: 1 Veggie= 1 bunch of carrots, 1pound of tomatoes. You choose your veggies.


3 Options if you do not qualify for food stamps, but want to join this market. We ask that, if possible, you pay for the whole season upfront.

 9 Veggie Basket, for $27/week or $405 for season

5 Veggie Basket, $15/week or $225 for season

3 Veggie Basket, $9 week or $135 for season


Neighborhood Market Buying Club:

 As a member of the market you can choose to join a local food buying club as well.  You pre-order food on a weekly basis and pay wholesale prices.  Food items include yogurt, bagels, bread, eggs, fruit, etc.  You pay for this food in addition to your produce share and purchase only what you want.

Sign Up:

Complete the contract below and mail to:

Hanna Jenkins

239 Johnson Pasture Dr.

Guilford, VT 05301



If you have questions regarding signing up email:

or call

(802) 258-8902