Healing Our Collective Trauma & Reconnecting with Our Spiritual Source

2 workshops by Sherri Mitchell, Indigenous rights and environmental justice activist

Read more about Sherri Mitchell and her work here.

Saturday, October 27 & Sunday, October 28,  9 AM to 5 PM

Winston Prouty Campus, 209 Austine Drive, Croker Hall (4th Floor w/ elevator), Brattleboro, Vermont


Healing Our Collective Trauma and Reconnecting with Our Spiritual Source.

Description: This one-day workshop will take participants on a journey into Native American mythology and cosmology, as a means of healing our collective wounds and reconnecting with spiritual source. We have all been impacted by histories of violence. The oppressed, the oppressor, and the witness alike bear the wounds of our collective past. Together, we will look at the psychic and spiritual wounds that we all share and learn how we can untangle their hold on our hearts and minds. Participants will be asked to look at the history that led to this traumatization and explore how it continues to impact their lives. We will also learn how to hold sacred space for one another while our trauma is present. In this process, we will learn that there is a safe space for us to occupy together, whole and intact. Then, we can begin the process of healing our divisions, so that we can go back and claim a new future for all living beings.

Healing Our Divisions and Biases and Unifying Our Movements

Description: This one-day workshop provides participants with an opportunity to look at the divisions and biases, including hidden biases, that have been built into our societies and ideologies. We will look at the divisions created by our shared history, the biases informed by that history, and the ways that they prevent us from joining our movements. We will learn how to find interest convergence points that enable us to work with one another across these divisions, and how to manage the intersectionality of the emerging movement of movements.

(updated Location/Instructions to Follow Closer to Event)

We will only accommodate the first 50 people that register, with a wait list beyond.

The minimum participants are 20; we will cancel if we get less than this, and reimburse registrants accordingly.

People are encouraged to bring a bag lunch and snacks for themselves or to share

Registration: $125.00

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REFUND POLICY FOR PARTICIPANT CANCELLATION: People can get a refund of the full price if they cancel 10 days prior to the event; after that they can get 50% up to 5 days before the event. If they fail to cancel before that time they will get a 25% refund up to 48 hours before the event and no refund within 48 hours.


Tim Stevenson
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